Marketing Source

Over the last decade, Marketing Source has grown organically to become an award-winning and leading integrated marketing services company, specialising in data and digital communications. They have built up a formidable roster of national and international clients, supplying them with crucial data and communications services to help them build strong, digital bridges between their brand and their customers.

Marketing Source is committed to the highest levels of integrity in the gathering, handling, protection and use of consumer data. We not only maintain the highest standards, but we also consult with our customers and partners to help them observe compliant data management practices at all times in their own operations.

Data Protection Act registration number: Z9452802.

Consumer Database
100% Mail Delivery Guaranteed

MS Reach contains over 46million consumer records covering 23m households, with over 400 core variables and 1200+ variables in total, ranging from insurance renewal dates to pet ownership. MS Reach is one of the largest and richest consumer data universes available today. Independently assessed as 95.7% accurate. Sourced from a network of trusted and certified partners. Regularly rebuilt to ensure highest recency and relevance.